epiccommunity - Using Blackboard Collaborate

Get Your Computer Ready

  • Try the Setup for First Time Users.
  • This website will automatically recognize your system and tell what java you may have to download.
  • You can configure and test your audio setup.

Get Ready to Participate

Prior to our synchronous discussion, be prepared to do the following things:
  • Review any of the orientation materials on using Blackboard Collaborate. Or review the
  • Talk and/or chat using the online tool. You will want a headset with a microphone attached or at least some ear buds and a microphone that is working properly (maybe even your computer microphone). Make sure that your microphone is working before joining the session and that the volume on your computer is turned up so that you can hear the discussion. IF YOU DO not HAVE a microphone you can STILL participate via the chat feature. Click HERE to learn about headset options.
  • Share a bit about yourself.
  • Ask and answer any questions that you might have and also respond to your peers' thoughts. Be actively involved!

Log In and Participate in the Discussion

FOR HALIFAX Early Adopter Group:

On Tuesday, July 17, 2012, please arrive no later than 12:25 p.m. Eastern Standard Time at our Blackboard Collaborate Virtual Meeting URL:

  • You will want to "Log in" as a guest. Just provide a valid e-mail address and whatever name you usually go by, and it will start a download. (If the download doesn't start,make sure you have allowed pop-ups through your browser preferences, or that a pop-up blocker is not preventing the download).
  • Open that download (You MUST know where your downloads go), it should be called "Meeting.jnlp" or "Meeting." Click to open.
  • Once you have opened the download, wait a minute or so, and you will be in the meeting!

It will look like this:

You may want to set up your audio and video preferences by following the brief directions HERE.

You will be be able to chat in the chat box, talk to the group through the microphone, and raise your hand, smile, clap, etc. through the participant interface. Your facilitators will be guiding the discussion in the whiteboard area.